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PhD Position:
Stability Identification and Control Strategies of Thermoacoustics in Gas Turbines

IfTA was founded in 1996, based on university research and development in the field of thermoacoustics. The company is now a medium-sized enterprise and a world-leader in research and supply in the field of monitoring, analysis and active control of combustion instabilities, equipping the world's most efficient and powerful gas turbines in 50+ countries.
POLKA (POLution Know-how and Abatement) is a Marie-Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network composed by six Universities and four Companies throughout Europe. Its goal is to solve serious technical problems occuring at hydrogen combustion, in particular thermoacoustic instabilities. These are large-amplitude pressure oscillations caused by an escalating interaction between the flame and acoustic waves which tend to occur unexpectedly and cause major hardware damage.
The research work will require the development of an online-monitoring technique for self-excited thermoacoustic instabilities in longitudinal combustion systems. The aim is to develop an early warning system for an impending instability before high amplitudes are reached. Experimental methods are planned on an in-house combustion test rig. Furthermore, the method will be applied to industrial-size combustors with longitudinal eigenmodes, such as can-combustors used widely in gas turbines.
  • Recent master's degree in mechanical engineering or related disciplines (must be within last 4 years)
  • A strong background in fluid dynamics, in particular combustion or acoustics
  • Experience in signal processing and control
  • Good programming skills desirable
  • Ideally knowledge in numerical methods (CFD)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, ideally basic knowledge of German
  • You must not have performed your main activity in Germany for more than 12 months within the last 36 months
  • Duration 36 months, flexible start before March 2020
  • PhD enrolment at TU München (TUM), academic supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Polifke
  • Secondment periods at partner institutions are foreseen
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