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Thesis: Oscillator Tuning for Measurement Systems using Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
IfTA was founded in 1996, based on university research and development in the field of thermoacoustics. The company is now a medium-sized enterprise and a world-leader in research and supply in the field of monitoring, analysis and active control of combustion instabilities, equipping the world's most efficient and powerful gas turbines in 50+ countries.
For distributed measurement systems not only a precise oscillator, but also a precise time stamping of measurement data is needed in order to have time stamps between systems that allow for correlating measured data.
The goal of this thesis is to analyze the achievable minimum time-delta between the grand master clock and the distributed measurement systems using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP).
PTP should not only be used to synchronize, but also to tune the internal oscillator of the measurement systems. This is required to prevent time jumps when a time synchronization via PTP occurs.
  • Get knowledge of the Precision Time Protocol
  • Literature research on algorithms to adjust oscillators to a precise clock
  • Implementation of the PTP algorithm and tuning of internal oscillator for measurement systems
  • Test and evaluation of the implementation
  • Studying Electrical and Computer Engineering (TUM)
  • Experience in control theory desirable
  • Experience in network theory desirable
  • Very good German and English language skills
  • Supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Stechele; Chair of Integrated Systems; TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology
  • Bachelor- or Master thesis (scope of work will be adapted)
  • Combination with the Ingenieurspraxis (BA) / Forschungspraxis (MA) possible
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